HIST 298 Research

Hello! This semester I will be reviewing the unsightly mark on American history known as the emigration to Liberia. My project will revolve around the question of how the American Colonization Society marketed their ploy to send freedmen away to Western African during the 19th century; further, I will be looking into the response of prominent abolitionists and settlers to the colonization societies efforts.

So far, research into the topic has been frustrating given the topic, but a breeze because of all of the available source material. Through hours of research, my thesis is that the American Colonization Society used their reports to lie to the public of the state of affairs in Liberia. They also shielded their intent to rid themselves of freedmen through the guise of good “Christian intentions”. Abolitionists responded to the ACS by exposing their fallacies and encouraging other freedmen to not feed into the Society’s rhetoric.

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